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rinse and repeat [taking back sunday][adam/john]

title: rinse and repeat
fandom: Taking Back Sunday/Straylight Run
pairings: John Nolan/Adam Lazzara (mentions of Jesse/John, Adam/Michelle)
rating: PG-13
disclaimer: It's called fiction for a reason. & this is in no way meant to be offensive.
synopsis: Touring never was easy - but, really, neither was life.
author's note: I'm sure my chronology's pretty off for this but I couldn't find any tour date archives. That aside: I love you LI fandom. You guys rock.
word count: 2200w approx.

(At the beginning of the tour, Adam’s completely on edge. He appeals to anyone who’ll listen that he can’t sing, there’s no way anyone will want to listen to him sing.)

The cut is obviously fake. This has been x-posted to help spread the Long Island love. Honk/comment if you love LI! (You don't even have to read the fic. I'd just love to hear from you guys.)
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