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The Wake Of Saturday

Title: The Wake of Saturday
Pairing: Adam Lazzara/John Nolan
Rating: Ehhhh... PG.
Summary: Adam's thinking. John's sleeping.
Disclaimer: Not true. And the title is from Fall Out Boy's "Saturday."
Notes: This is my first addition to this community, and my first attempt at slash of any kind... Be gentle.


Adam glanced nervously at John's sleeping form beside him. He was laying on his stomach, his breathing steady and peaceful. It sounded almost as if he was letting out a content sigh with each breath, completely happy with where he was, and who he was beside.

''John...'' Adam whispered, placing his hand on John's shoulder and giving his body a slight shake. ''John, wake up...''

There was no response from the sleeping man. Adam decided to give up and sink back into the blankets and pillows. He looked at his watch. 5:34 AM. Saturday. It was too early to be awake, but... there were too many thoughts going through his head. Most of them consisted of John, of course...

John. John's smile. John's voice. John's kiss. John's touch.

How the Hell could this be love?

At the risk of sounding like an eleven year old boy, Adam's first thought was: We're both... boys. He's a boy. I'm a boy. That's not natural.

But he shook that thought from his head. That was stupid. He knew that he loved John, honestly and truly. Gender didn't matter. Gender didn't matter. Gender didn't matter.

''John...'' Adam whispered, louder this time. ''Wake up.''

There was still no reaction, except for a slight groan. Adam repeated his attempt to wake him up. John moved around a bit, and repositioned himself on his side. His head was resting on his arm. The dim morning light that was shining through the window revealed his slight smile.

Adam couldn't help but smile at this.

John had a beautiful smile.

Closing his eyes, Adam let out a sigh, and tried to go back to sleep. This morning was peaceful and beautiful, but he was bored with it. He wanted John to wake up. He wanted to talk to him.

As soon as his eyes were almost sealed shut by the idea of a nap before actually starting his day, Adam heard his name being whispered softly. His eyes shot open. ''Hmm?''

John's eyes were still closed, but Adam knew he was awake. ''I just wanted to be sure of you, Adam. Just wanted to make sure you were still there.''

''I'm still here.'' Adam said softly, leaning over to John and giving him a small kiss.''Why would I leave you?''

''Because that's what boys like you do.''

''I would never leave you, John. Not on a morning like this.''

And the two stayed in bed together, silent and happy, breathing in the wake of Saturday.
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